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Since 1952, our concept of third-party collection has differed significantly from our competitors in that we have a complete Legal Department including in-house attorneys and paralegals. Our attorneys and paralegals are fully integrated within our regular collection department, and assist with difficult debtors, thus allowing us to avoid unnecessary litigation.

If is becomes apparent that a particular debtor has no intention of settling their debts on any reasonable basis, our legal staff will review the available backup and if all necessary documents are available, after receiving written authorization from our client, we will proceed with legal action as authorized by our client. Based upon general CLLA standards and procedures, clients authorizing suit in California are requested to pay estimated court costs of $300.00 to $400.00 on claims under $10,000.00, plus an attorney related non-contingent suit fee averaging approximately 5% of the principal balance due. Suit fees represent a standard charge by attorneys working on contingency fees to cover clerical and overheard costs and are not refundable. When processing a lawsuit, Network Commercial will take full responsibility for routine court related expenses and fees which exceed the initial cost advances. If our client requests special legal procedures the necessary attorney and court fees will be reviewed and agreed upon before any action takes place.

Please note the court fees and attorney fee requirements vary from state to state, and therefore court costs and attorney suit fees may be higher outside California.

In accordance with standard commercial collection agency procedures, our claim placement forms provide that Network Commercial Services is the legal assignee of all claims placed with our office for collections. Therefore, your debtors will be instructed to send their payments to the offices of Network Commercial Services. Whenever necessary, we will endorse, as the legal assignee, any check made payable to our client and deposit the payment into our Client Trust Account pending clearance by the debtor's bank. If suit is recommended and authorized, under most circumstances, the plaintiff on the suit will be Network Commercial Services as the legal assignee. All debtor or attorney remittances will be deposited and cleared through our Client's Trust Account prior to remitting to our client.

After you have had an opportunity to review our information contained within this website, please feel free to contact any of the references provided.

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